Yes,I am a Lady.

Hello my lovely Fashion Blogger 🙂

I want to apologize first for my inactivity , I Had to do many things in rl but now I am back , yep , I know that i promised it a long time ago but Now I mean it seriously.

So now to the important part.
I want to present you the upcoming release of PACADI Jasha.
Pacadi Jasha is a brand in Second Life which is owned by two lovely girls called : Lotta Shelman & Julia Tower.

A few days ago they released the “Niral Headscarf” what was shown on the “Christmas Secret Fashion Show”.
Soon you can get this with hair too! YAY! 😀
Look Here :
Its gorgeous ! 🙂
If you like it , take a visit at PACADI Jasha you can find this and many more there 😉

Shopping List :
Hair/Headscarf : PACADI Jasha Niral Tube Scarf ( Hair
Top : Zaara – Mishty Tank *ash*
Skirt : Zaara – Larin Skirt *ash*
Skin : [KA] Designs – BARDOT-Vivienne Pale/Make Up 04

Have a nice day :**


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