Summer is here

OHAI ! 🙂
So I want to show you the new Spring/Summer releases by Exodi

Ryker Beck,the owner send me some review copies,thankies :* ❤
So we began with the Regina Bikinis

(Here shown in aqua)
I love the Ties , its lovely work 🙂 and of course the bikini *laughs*
Here are the other colors

(from l. to r. : lavender, lime, pink, red)
They are so perfect for a beach visit

The Bikini tops you can match with the Clare Yoga Capris

(aqua,bark,green lime)

(hot pink,lavender,lemon)
These pants are the best yoga-sport-capris I’ve seen in sl 🙂

The Skin that I wear I the upcoming “Dael” skin by Exodi , I’ll make a preview in the next post 🙂

Visit ::EXODI:: !

xoxo :*


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