It’s Jade !

Hi my dear readers
Sorry I haven’t post about 5 days 😦

So I’d like to present you the new skin by TULI called Jade.
Jade comes in 5 Skintones,with 3 cleavage options,10 Make ups and 3 eyebrow options.

Here I wear the skintones 1 and 3
This Skin is a mix of Eva and Hope Skins.
Here the rest of the make ups in skintones 1 and 3.

(Make ups 2,3,4)

(Make ups 5,6,7)

(Make ups 8,9,10)
That was skintone 1 now skintone 3

(Make ups 2,3,4)

(Make Ups 5,6,7)

(Make ups 8,9,10)
Yes , Its a gorgeous Skin, well done , Tuli 🙂
So the skin is now out ! Visit Tuli !
Hair By :
Detour – Magnolia
Truth – Jana – Summer
I love olive – Milla

xoxo :*


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