Chinese Cracker

nǐhǎo – is hello in chinese 😛
Did you ever heard about Seraphim? NO? :O
Seraphim is the name of a really gorgeous Blog – that i personally read too.
The owner of the Blog is Vixen Thibedeau (Hello from Lucia to you!). She opened an inworld Office to meet up there other readers.
On this event you can find there over 28 Gifties YAAAY! 😀 by various designers.
I found there a really cute dress by The Sea Hole called “Chinatown”.
4 different colors and all for free!

Tranquility & Chinese Cracker

Bamboo Shoot & Floating Lotus

Just join the -Seraphim- group inworld (Group Joiner is in the Office) and get the Gifties HERE

Skin : CheerNo FEMME-Dahlia 2-Make Up 04 + Dahlia 2 Lipstick 02
Hair : SHAG-Falling Slowly with Bangs in Autumn (Seasons Hunt Item)

Happy shopping & Have a nice day, kisses Lulu 🙂


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