Hi Folks,
The Numberology Event started a couple days ago. Many designers are parcitipating there.
For example 22769.
They released some beautiful indian styled clothing items, beside some other stuff.

Here I am showing you the Asmita Bustier + Asmita Sari in Purple. It’s really detailed and a modern intepretation of a Sari with classy textures.

And here is my second look. On the top I am wearing the Sabita Top in Green and my Bottom is covered with the Indian Styled Hotpants also in Green.

All of the shown Items come in 6 Colors (Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Red and Teal)

Click here to get to the Numberology Event! 🙂

Skin: League-Isla in Medium – Champagne
Eyes: IKON at The Boutique-Destiny Eyes in Peach
Hair: TRUTH-Edith 2 in chestnut /w Roots (Pic 1) & Bianca in Chestnut /w Roots (Pic 2)

Have a great Weekend!
smooches, Chloé


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