Walking on Air

how are you doing, people?
I feel good! 🙂 (Thanks for asking, tho. :p)
I did a little make over and bought myself a new face from The Shops, which I loveeeeeeeee! ❤
I don't know if you know how "The Shops" work, you can wear a base skin frome an other store or you buy the body from there. The face, eyebrows, eyeshadows and lipsticks come in tattoo layer, so try to find the best skintone which maches your base skin, when you got an another one then from The Shops.

(I hope you don’t mind me, that I didn’t edited so much, I was so lazy :x)

Skin Face: The Shops-Alana in Skintone 09
Base Skin: Glam Affair-Katya in America
Eyeshadow: The Shops-Moody in Moscow
Lips: The Shops-Iconic in Mink
Necklace: DDL-Take my Hand in P&Y
Shirt: Overhigh-Key Piece Shirt in Gray
Hair: Liquence-F3 in Light Browns
Earring: Epoque-Pearl Fret Earring in Gold
Nosering: Puncture-Smiley Piercing

smooches, Honey.


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