In Your Eyes

Hey, Hi and Hello!
How are you?
How did you spend your weekend?

I don’t know if you know but the Cosmetic Fair “Fall Edition” is finally open and there is much exciiiiiiiiting stuff, that’s just wait for you to get bought!
One of my favorite Items are the new “Song” Skin by Essences, which comes in the “Light Rose” skintone + some lovely lipsticks as tattoo layer.

Here I am wearing the “untouched” version, which is typically known as the “clean” or “non-make-up version” (Each skin will be sold seperately, even the untouched one)

Here I am wearing the 6 make-ups which Essences also offers. (From left to right – 02,03,04,05,06 and 07)
The skins come with 5 eyebrow options (brunette, brown, blonde, ginger and cranberry (new!)), alpha layer for system lashes and 2 different cleavage options (shirt and tattoo layer)

Beside these skins, you can buy some gorgeous lipsticks as tattoo layers too:

Gorgeous, huh?

Click here to get the Song Skin and the Lipsticks at The Cosmetic Fair “FALL EDITION”!

Hair: Exile-A Winters Tale in Brownie

smooches, Honey


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