Freaky Like Me

You wanna meet my friend Ethan?
Ethan came over to me to clean up my land from all these fall leaves. I had so much flying around here, ugh.
Well we started to rake all the leaves, when Ethan starts to throw them all on me.
So I did the same to him. It all degenerated into a whole “leaf-throwing-battle”.

After some minutes of throwing leaves we continued with the raking.
We made a big pile of colorful leaves and I came to the idea to kick some of the leaves directly in Ethan’s face, this was so much fun!

After all that, we finally finished our work and went into my house, where we boiled some water for some tea, which we enjoyed later. After that we chilled out and fell asleep. Such a exhausting day. 😛

On Ethan:
Hair: Taketomi-Sen in Darkbrowns
Shirt: Kal Rau-Plaid Shirt M2 in Brown/Blue
Pants: Epicosity-Skinny Jeans-Ripped in Black
Boots: J’s-Short Boots in Brown
Shades: Sorgo-Clubmasters Shades in Wood

On Me:
Skin: Zoul Creations-Abi in Skintone 1 (NEW!)
Hair: Truth-Genesis in LightBrowns02
Top: 22769@The Gallery Gift Shop-Andrea Top in Black (NEW!)
Pants: mon tissu-Bloomsbury Trousers in Honey
Shoes: Marshmallows@Bitacora Travel Fair-Nu Sneakers (NEW!)

Decor & Poses:

-Pic 1-
Pose: RACK Poses@Willow Street Garden-Autumn Friends Pose #3 (NEW!)
House in the Background: Trompe Loeil@C88-Autumn Cottage

-Pic 2-
Pose: Rack Poses@Willow Street Garden-Autumn Couple RARE #2 (NEW!)

-Pic 3-
Bed: Bauwerk@The Liaison Collaborative-Lodge Bed in Brown Cow (NEW!)
Wall Decor: Bauwerk@The Liaison Collaborative– Oh Deer (decorated) (NEW!)
Pouf: Bauwerk@The Liaison Collaborative-Classic Pouf in Brown Cow (NEW!)
Table: Bauwerk@The Liaison Collaborative-Lodge Log Endtable (NEW!)
Curtains: floorplan-Chevron Curtains in Slate

smooches, Honey


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