Hi there Guys!
Here’s me again, with some new releases from Belleza.
Belleza is parcitipating at “The Rockabilly Fashion Fair“. Which starts on the 3rd of November.
Like the name says it’s all about Rockabilly and the 50’s.
Belleza will sell there a Rockabilly version of their known “Ava” skin. She comes with 3 skintones (Pale, Med and Sk), 3 Brow Colors and the fitting hairbases for every skintone. On the upcoming pictures you will see that Ava wears the typical Rockabilly stuff, like the red lips, a mole under the right eye and the sophisticated and gorgeous eyeliner.

To match the beautiful face from Ava, I combined some stuff from my inventory to create a nice 50’s look. 🙂

Skin: Belleza@The Rockabilly Fashion Fair-Ava Rockabilly in Med
Hair: Lamb-True Faith in KitKat
Shirt: Tee*fy-Basic Knot Shirt in Creme
Skirt: Tee*fy-Highwaist Short Denim Skirt in Cherry
Shoes: GOS-Paris Heels in Crimson

smooches, Honey.


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