Dancing Shoes

I am so excited about the new shoes from N-Core for FaMESHed. This sexy slingbacks with open-toes are called “Chloe“, which is perfect in my opinion and they come in 16 awesome colors.

As you can see, my shoes have 2 different colors on the shoe and the platform+heel – When you purchade the fatpack, you are able to use all 16 colors for heel and shoe.

This is the “options” section from the N-Core HUD. As you can see, you have easy options to fit them to your right size, stocking options, posestand option and recoloring of soles, logo, inner and metal (if your shoes has buckles etc..)
On the bottom you can see all 16 colors which can be bought seperatly or in a fatpack, so you can combine them. 🙂

Now to the skinmatching:

You can match your skin manually with picking the base skin and playing around with the colorpalette on the right OR you use N-Core’s new skinmatching service with a range of skin designers, I show you step by step how to do it – So I framed the Click&Match thing on the top-right of the HUD, click it and a little window will pop up, inworld. Click the link in the window and you get linked to the skinmatching database homepage.

Now you see the full range of available skin matches for N-Core shoes, choose the skin shop of the skin you wearing right now. I wear Bellezas Nina skin, that’s why I choose Belleza.

Then you have to choose the skin you are wearing right now, I am wearing Nina, but Nina isn’t in the Database already, so I chose Belleza’s “latest” release and it was Leila.

Next step is to choose the skintone you are wearing. I am wearing Med skintone, that’s why I chose the latest release from Belleza, because you will not see a difference, the skintone is still the same when you pick on of the newest skins from a shop.

Confirm your chosen skin match by hitting the apply button.

And you are done! Your shoes should be perfectly fitted now.
This is what you should see inworld in the local chat:

[01:22] N-core CHLOE HUD: Applying RGB values: 230, 199, 181 and skin base 4

Easy, huh? The new Skinmatching system works with all Mesh shoes from N-Core!
I hope I could help you through the new skinmatching thing and hope you enjoy these new shoes!

N-Core Mainstore

Skin: Belleza-Nina in Medium Skintone-Make Up 6 (soon!)
Hair: ef=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth/158/50/34″>Truth-Renata in LightBrowns02

smooches, Honey.


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