Belleza For The Arcade – December 2013

Hello everybodaaaaay!
How are you doing? I feel pretty excited. As you can read in the title, a new round of The Arcade will start in 2 days.
You can click HERE to see what the parcitipating designer put in their gacha machines.
Now I want you present the items from Belleza. It’s a female skin and her name is “Tara”.
Tara comes in 15 different options, 3 of them are rare. Every play cost 100L$ and the skins are transfer and no copy, so you can trade them, as always. 🙂

Here I am wearing the 3 Rares, which are a tiny little bit harder to get :p, but it’s worth it!

(Hair from Left to right: Epoque-Tied Up, Lelutka-Lively & Sato)

Here are the common items. The Skins come in the shown skintone+browcolor + hairbases and freckles as tattoo layer.
Isn’t she gorgeous? Definitely one of my favorite items!
Click HERE to get to The Arcade! (The Arcade opens on 1st of December, SLURL might be now working earlier.)

Eyes: IKON-Perspective Eyes in Chocolate

I wish you a relaxing weekend, Honey.


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