2013 Meme

Hey you!
Well this is my last post in the year 2013 :O
That’s why I decided to make a little Meme for you all!

I call that Meme the “2013 Meme”
So here are the rules:
Make an outfit which requires this 5 categories:
– 1 Item you recently bought
– 1 Item you bought in early 2013
– 1 Item you bought in 2013 but you never wore it
– 1 Item which is your personal Highlight in 2013
– Your Most worn Item

Here’s mine:

Item that I recently bought:
LeLutka-Evilly Hair in Overcooked – Yep, I totally love it! ❤

Item that I bought in early 2013:
The Shops-Lipstick as Tattoo Layer called “Hollywood” in the Shade “Manila” – It was my first Lipstick from The Shops, bought it in late spring I think.

Item that I bought in 2013 but never wore it:
Overhigh-Star Sweater in Blue – It was a fail buy! I don’t like it to be honest. The texture is pretty good but the mesh is totally oversized (I wear S).

My Personal Highlight Item from 2013:
GOS-Paris Peeptoe in Nude Patent – OMG! I adore them so much, I own like 6 colors from them, also I love the skin matching system. It’s all worth the money!<3

My Most Worn Item:
Color Me H.O.F-Briston Trousers in Gray – Well yes, Look at them. The cut, the textures, the whole trousers. Gorgeous, that’s why I wore them the most, you can wear them for a casual look or even for a Date Night inspired one. 🙂

So yeah, that were my Items – I can’t wait to see yours! Put your Links to your blogposts with that Meme in the commentbox, oh and are you so nice and share this Meme around? I am noisy and want to know what other can create from their 2013 items. In the name of the Fashionbasket and from me personally, I wish you all a Happy New Year, many luck, health, love etc etc. <33
smooches, Honey.


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