February is ending soon and March is coming. The same is with The Arcade, the March round is near! So excited, are you excited too?
So let’s start with some previews.
Belleza is again parcitipating there, and they put some gorgeous looking skins in their gacha machine.
Her name is “Mimi” and she comes in 3 Rare and 12 common Make-Up’s + freckles, hairbase and glossy lips as tattoo layer.
I show you the skins below. NOTE: All skins come in the shown skintone and brow color.

Here you can see the 3 rare skins. Rare means they are a bit harder to get, but it’s worth. I promise!

And here are the 12 common make-up’s which are flawless too! So if you don’t have much luck getting the rares, you can also have fun with the common ones. 🙂

Skin: Belleza@The Arcade-Mimi (SLURL is active on 1st of March!)
Eyes: IKON-Promise Eyes in Mahogany

Happy Trading! Vivi/Honey


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