How Long Is Forever? Sometimes, Just One Second.

Long time no see, I know I am so sorry. I was so busy and I got sick too tho, but I feel better, thats for sure and I got much inspiration.
I fell in Love with the NEW Mad Hatter Tea Party Set which Bauwerk made for Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Only 50L$ per Play and totally worth it! ❤

How Long Is Forever? Sometimes, Just One Second.

Cherry Trees: StudioSkye – Tangled Cherry Arch
Bridge: StudioSkye – Wooden Bridge Mossy
Grass: [We’re Closed] – Grass Field Dry
House: HIDEKI – Vintage House (RARE/I really don’t know which Gacha Event or something it was – A friend rezzed me that house)
Table: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Alice Table (RARE)
Chairs: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Alice Chair (RARE)
Cutted Cake: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Top Hat Cake
Cupcakes in a Cup: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Cupcakes in Cup
House of Cards: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – House of Cards
Etagere: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Etagere Square
Teapot: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Teapot
Etagere: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Etagere Round
Cups: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Stack of Cups
Heart Shaped Cake: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Queen of Hearts Cake
Mad Hatter Cake: Bauwerk@Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Mad Hatter Cake
Lantern: Bauwerk@ShinyShabby – Little Rusty Lantern (Shiny Shabby Opens 20th of Feb.)
Drape: Bauwerk@ShinyShabby – Hanging Sheer Drape
Console: Bauwerk@ShinyShabby – Upcycled Console
Bottle: Bauwerk@ShinyShabby – Bottle With Drape
Frames: Bauwerk@FaMESHed – Empty Floor Frames
Vases: Bauwerk@FaMESHed – Floor Vases
Vase with Tulips: Bauwerk@FaMESHed – Vase With Tulips

Maleese ♥


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