I’m Gonna Place My Bet On Us

hope you are having a great week so far!
Today a fashion and home/decor post, hope you enjoy!

I'm Gonna Place My Bet On Us


On Him:

Skin: Fruk – Lennon
Hairbase: Action – Hair Base 04
Hair: Dura – Boy*56
Trousers: Villena – Tucked Up Jeans
Sweater: Just Cool – Wool Sweater
Shoes: Fruk – Nitric Boots
Beard: Iron Claw – Heavy Beard Hipster

On Me:

Skin: DeeTalez – Djuna
Hair: D!VA@Shiny Shabby – Emilie
Shoes: Pure Poison@Shiny Shabby – Le Ballet Flats
Suit: SEUL@Uber – Emile Playsuit


House: Scarlet Creative@The Arcade – Amelie Mansion
Paper Pile: tres blah@The Arcade – Paper Pile
Book: Apple Fall – Sketchbook
Wine Bottle and Glasses: tres blah@The Arcade – Wine Duet
Rugs: junk.@Uber – Round Boho Rug
Table: 8f8@The Arcade – Pair Of Nightstands
Deco on Table: tres blah@The Arcade – Catch All
Sofa: 8f8@The Arcade – Sofa
Wheel: reverie@Shiny Shabby – Ship’s Wheel Wall Decor (Gift for Free!)
Lamp: 8f8@The Arcade – Wall Lamp
Thistles: Apple Fall – Wild Thistles
Cupboard: 8f8@The Arcade – Cupboard
Poppies: Apple Fall – Poppies in glazed Vase
Stove: 8f8@The Arcade – Stove
Clothes on the Floor: tres blah@The Arcade – Tossed Clothes
Luggage Bag: Apple Fall – Monogram Luggage Bag
Frames: ZAARA – Vintage Frame

Maleese ~


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